Senior GIS Architect

Wray JohnsonE. Wray Johnson serves as Senior Geographic Information System (GIS) Architect for INCATech. Wray has over 35 years of professional software development experience serving in the capacities of an entrepreneur, employee, and as an independent contractor. In the 16 years prior to joining the INCATech team, Wray designed and led the agile development of several high-profile GIS-centric software applications for top US Intelligence Community (IC) agencies, each of which were multi-year programs of record (POR). One of these PORs was one of the first to receive Authorization to Operate (ATO) into that agency’s secure cloud. In addition, Wray spearheaded a redesign and modernization of the entire software stack, and a migration of the development and production environments from bare-metal infrastructure into unsecure and secure clouds respectively, with no impact to the development cadence or system availability. This effort won the POR the prestigious “David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award“, established to recognize, annually, only four Department of Defense (DoD) civilian and/or military organizations, groups, or teams, whose significant contributions demonstrate exemplary innovation and best acquisition practices. For another POR, Wray was awarded a co-patent on the software design, and he co-authored and published four papers on the subject of the patent (critical infrastructure interdependency modeling, analysis, and simulations).
Prior to his work in the cleared space, Wray was a member of an elite Research and Development (R&D) team that created an innovative web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which led to corporate acquisitions by PeopleSoft, Inc., and subsequently, The Oracle, Corporation.