Although INCATech specialized in developing innovative software solutions for our customers for many years, the User-Centered Design (UCD) Practice grew out of the realization that designing software with our customers and users ensures the creation of products that are not only innovative, but effective and intuitive. UCD is an iterative design process that focuses on the users and their needs while optimizing workflows and information architecture. The term ‘Design’ consists much more than beautiful aesthetics; it is about creating solutions that solves problems seamlessly and effectively. Great design accounts for human behaviors, information architecture, usability, and clear and compelling visualization. The UCD Practice has been instilling best practices for incorporating user-centric activities into INCATech’s Agile methodologies, optimizing the user experience for our customers.

Our UCD experts utilize creative skills and user-centered design principals to develop attractive, user-friendly websites and applications for various clients. We have expertise in Adobe Creative Suite applications, HTML5 and CSS3, responsive web design, Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks as well as a wide range of wire-framing and usability testing tools and techniques. INCATech will help you define and realize your product vision. As your partner, INCATech will collaborate with you to create a brand and voice that matches your organization’s values. INCATech’s UCD experts create designs that inspire.

Core Capabilities

INCATech’s User-Centered Design Practice achieves the objectives through the application, implementation, or execution of the following core capabilities:

How Does UCD Mitigate Risk to Ensure Mission Success

UCD incorporates short feedback cycles with both users and stakeholders resulting in decreased risk of developing a product that doesn’t meet organizational or user needs. Each user and stakeholder interview can be utilized to validate any unavoidable assumptions that may have been incorporated into the design. Once assumptions are validated and well understood, any risk of taking action on developing design and software code is mitigated. The figure below shows how software development using UCD (in conjunction with Agile Software Development Methodologies) zeroes out the risk of unvalidated efforts in short feedback increments when compared to traditional Waterfall Development Methodologies.

  • Design Research
    • User Interviews
    • Persona Development
    • Stakeholder Interviews
    • Usability Testing
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Instructional Design

What Types of Risk Are Mitigated with the Incorporation of UCD

  • The software does not meet the requirements of the users nor the organization
  • The users do not adopt the new system and corresponding workflows
  • The software is difficult to navigate and not user friendly
  • Mission failure due to insufficient software product development and waste of funding

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