INCATech is unique as a small business differentiating ourselves through our investment in research & development (R&D). Our current R&D initiatives include: increasing the pool of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent to support national security; advancing understanding of emotional analytics to combat foreign terrorist weaponization of social media; and applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve response to a wide range of crises and life-threatening events.

STEM 2030

Challenge: A shortage of talented STEM resources entering the workforce particularly in the Defense space
Solution: Promote the STEM training, workforce development and opportunities for the minority community. INCATech’s developed methodology will encourage:

    • Participation of Minority Serving Institutions in Defense Acquisition
    • Minority STEM hires in defense industry
    • Minority students in K-20 school STEM curricula
    • Minority college graduates in STEM
    • Minority institution R&D investment and resulting patentable intellectual property
    • MSI/HBCU Capacity to support the Department of Defense (DoD) mission
Research and Development

Emotional Analytics

Challenge: Understanding digital disinformation, how online communities react to information, and to identifying national security threats (bots, fake accounts, terrorist cells, etc).
Solution: INCATech is working alongside experts in the fields of human cognition/psychosocial behavior and natural language big data processing to help produce geo-enabled emotional analytics. Our research is helping develop and refine predictive models to assist key decision-makers in the government better understand human geography elements through the combined lens of social media, traditional media, and other data streams.

Machine-Learning/Artificial Intelligence/ 3D Visualization

Challenge: Arming emergency first responders with real-time situational awareness and providing the public with informed response to life-threatening crises.
Solution: INCATech uses bleeding-edge remote sensing and cloud-based machine-learning to recognize human activities of interest to first responders, law enforcement, operations managers, and government authorities. By training pattern detecting algorithms and connecting key signal outputs to an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS), INCATech develops situational awareness tools, models, alert-system applications, and 3D GIS software to help manage crises and save lives.