Project and Program Management

INCATech can provide a full range of project, program and business management support services. With processes and techniques grounded in the best practices of Software Engineering Institute’s CMMI and Project Management Institute’s PMBOK, we are able to deliver technical programs that meet budget, schedule, and performance expectations. These same techniques are offered as services to customers that desire expert support in running effective programs. Examples include planning and organizing work, resources, roles and responsibilities, schedules, risk, stakeholders, and change management to name a few.

INCATech Program Management staff have a track record of rescue, recovery, and turnaround of challenged or highly troubled projects. On numerous occasions we have been called upon to ‘fire jump’ into a situation that has no apparent pathway to success. We can calmly assess the situation, separate the salvageable program and technical component parts from those that need to be replaced or rebuilt, then build and create a unified team inspired to achieve success together. Through excellence in programmatic execution, transparency of operations, and high level of expertise in organizational change and development we have been able to deliver high impact results when it matters most.

Management Services