Our People

We, the employees of INCATech, are committed to providing quality service to the clients we serve. We believe that each one of us makes a difference between a good and an excellent organization through our core values: Integrity, Performance, and Value.

Our Values

Integrity: “Doing the right thing, even if it is hard or uncomfortable”

  • Be guided by truthfulness and honesty
  • Seek openness and transparency in actions and decisions
  • Respect everyone and give weight to the views of others
  • Value the uniqueness of all individuals and listen deeply to understand diverse perspectives
  • Work with others to clarify expectations for ethical behavior

Performance: “Doing your very best at all times, in all things”

  • Be personally accountable for the quality of your work and service
  • Cooperate for greater impact, the best ideas come from collaboration
  • Honor commitments – do what you say you will do; deliver on time
  • Share knowledge, skills, and insight freely with colleagues, for the benefit of all
  • Work to continuously improve all that we do

Value: “Making each day count, delivering value to our customers and colleagues”

  • Exercise good stewardship in use of time and resources
  • Explore new ideas to increase success and think beyond what now exists
  • Enhance our efficiency, effectiveness, and client service
  • Exhibit, encourage, and reward initiative
  • Help each other and our customers be successful.