INCATech offers a wide-range of Geographic Information System (GIS) Services & Solutions, from data creation and maintenance to application development to custom training. We have expertise at the federal level, assisting in the agency-wide implementation of GIS systems, services and applications. We specialize in supporting emergency management and response organizations by creating custom Common Operating Pictures (COPs) that integrate their data and that from multiple outside sources, along with an incident management module for tracking and reporting! Thomas Moran is INCATech’s GIS Practice Lead.

  • Web Application Development
  • Systems, Infrastructure and Networking Architecture Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Geodatabase Design, Implementation and Support
  • Application Integration Services
  • Esri Full-Suite GIS Products Support
  • Open Source Products Support
  • Cartographic Design
  • Spatial Analysis
  • GIS Training


Most GIS vendors have the ability to do some integration, but we recognize when and how to integrate multiple products in highly secure environments with little to no impact to the end-user community.

INCATech has experience integrating Adobe Experience Manager Content Management Systems with an embedded custom dynamic mapping application developed using the Esri Web Application Developer for ArcGIS Online/Portal with data hosted on Esri ArcGIS Online.

Integration Services

  • Extensive experience with integrating Esri products & applications with third-party COTS and GOTS
  • Non-Esri APIs: Google, JavaScript, OpenLayers, Bing
  • Authentication: SAML, OAuth 2.0, Thinktecture
  • Search: GeoPortal 1.2.6, Voyager
  • CMS: Drupal, Adobe CQ5/Adobe Experience Manager

Esri Business Partner

We are a silver tier business partner with Esri and winner of the Federal Small Business Specialty (FSBS) New Partner Award.GIS Practice Website Home Page

INCATech is an industry leader for investigating bleeding-edge technologies and creating new and exciting solutions for our customers. By combining scientific & technological expertise with a well-informed creative spirit, INCATech bridges machine-learning (ML) artificial intelligence (AI) together with GIS to help blaze new trails in the geospatial tech industry. Visit our Geospatial Research and Development site to learn more and try out some of our solutions.