ECM Support

INCATech provided a wide range of Digital Services and innovation for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) including Program Management, Web Strategy, Support of Strategic Initiatives, Web Development and Optimization, Software Application Development and Operations. Our staff led the initiatives to bring User Centered Design, User Experience, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE) to the FAA. Our thought leadership was at the core of modernization initiatives to implement the latest Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions using Adobe Experience Manager for the public facing site and the intranet.

Headquarters Contract Support Services

INCATech provides a wide range of support to help manage and administer a $65B portfolio of programs modernizing & operating the United States National AirSpace System (NAS). Our team supports five operational branches within the Terminal and EnRoute contracts Division on programs that are several years pre-award to more than 10 years into operations.

FAA Mission

The mission of the FAA is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. The role of the FAA Airports organization in meeting this goal is to provide leadership in planning and developing a safe and efficient national airport system to satisfy the needs of aviation interests of the United States. The FAA Airports organization accomplishes this task with due consideration for economics, environmental compatibility, local proprietary rights and the safeguarding of the public investment.