INCATech Enterprise Modernization services meld stakeholder business process and operational requirements with the soft skills of facilitation and change management to deliver technical innovation that has a significant and measurable return on your investment. We apply the well-defined strategies of the US Digital Services Playbook to produce usable changes and enhancements early and often that are focused on the user experience.

User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI)

INCATech delivers attractive and intuitive web site designs driven by user experience. Our User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) designers utilize creative skills and user-centered design principals to develop attractive, user-friendly websites and applications for various clients. We have expertise in Adobe Creative Suite applications, HTML5 and CSS3, responsive web design, Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks as well as a wide range of wire-framing and usability testing tools and techniques.

Creating purpose-driven software begins with INCATech’s veteran UX team. Through a comprehensive engagement that includes research, design, prototyping and usability testing, INCATech will help you define and realize your product vision. As your partner, INCATech will collaborate with you to create a brand and voice that matches your organization’s values. Whether constructing personas, conducting story mapping sessions or preparing functional designs, INCATech’s UX teams design applications that inspires.

INCATech’s UX design sprints ensure rapid incremental delivery to maximize efficiency and business value. By using iterative design cycles, INCATech validates ideas and assumptions using a process that results in genuinely intuitive software. Getting your product in front of users and implementing feedback is crucial to refining good ideas into great ones. Our UX designers use a variety of visualization techniques including: paper drawings, interactive wireframes and semi-functional prototypes to discover what works optimally for your users.

Case Study

In support of multiple directorates across the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, we deployed the latest products from Adobe: CQ5 and Adobe Experience Manager. This application employed an agile process including design, development, implementation, hosting, training, and operations maintenance. Our processes enabled diverse user communities to prioritize features and function development to address the client’s evolving business needs. The end result is an accessible and reliable web-based information delivering system serving over 800 million-page views per year with near 100% availability.

Enterprise Modernization Services