INCATech CPS’s mission is to help our customers grapple with complexities and take advantage of unique opportunities brought about by a steady shift toward cloud computing technologies. We strive to take the guesswork out of complex cloud and infrastructure development endeavors. Irrespective of the size, mission, and complexity of the projects we take on, we design economy, security, scalability, and operational resilience into all our solutions.

While the cloud technology landscape is quickly evolving, we aspire for our expertise to stretch across the core disciplines of cloud and platform computing.  We assemble and deploy cross-functional teams to design and deliver turnkey cloud solutions and support the operation, maintenance, migration, and modernization of existing systems. Our engineers pride themselves on their deep technical knowledge and their exact, hands-on, and certified skills.

Core Disciplines

Because cloud computing is no longer new, several mature, core disciplines comprise most of the heavy lifting required to ensure project success. The same core competencies serve as necessary ingredients of success for virtually any greenfield project, cloud migration, and IT modernization projects.

Laptop with cloud computing diagram
Solution Architecture

A Solution Architect’s unique contribution is to engage with the key stakeholders, properly frame the problem, consider all relevant enterprise architecture viewpoints, facilitate consensus among stakeholders, and design an economically and technically optimal solution. Since project inception, INCATech SA will stay with the project and ensure its requirement and mission objectives are met. Our SA’s offer practical experience designing solutions for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


DevOps Engineering is an essential skillset required to realize the promise of cloud automation into practice and deliver applications and services at high velocity. Often overlooked, DevOps is the practical answer to enabling Agile engineering infrastructure, serving as the foundation of any modern software engineering project. Our DevOps Engineers leverage rigorous source code control and best cloud platform practices and tools to deploy Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. As a GitLab Partner, INCATech offers the capability to kickstart a brand-new software development operation out-of-the-box.

SysOps Administration

Systems Operations and Maintenance is a crucially important activity once the system runs in Production. SysOps Administration is an active role responsible for monitoring system performance feedback, infrastructure integrity, and troubleshooting. Increasingly, SysOps is accountable for auditing and compliance. As the infrastructure-as-code trend accelerates, the SysOps role is also quickly evolving, requiring a deeper understanding of cloud platforms and hands-on coding.

Cloud-native Software Engineering

Cloud-native Software Engineering empowers organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Containers, service meshes, microservices, immutable infrastructure, infrastructure-as-code, and declarative APIs are examples of cloud-native technologies that enable resilient, manageable, and highly scalable systems. Whether implementing a next-generation Elasticsearch engine in AWS, a data lake, or a spatially-enabled analytics application, INCATech CPS offers a practical balance of classical Software Engineering and cloud-native implementation know-how.

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security includes Identity Access Management (IAM), secure VPNs, secure application development, and penetration testing are only a few strategies for ensuring cloud security. INCATech develops DevSecOps solutions that leverage DevOps in combination with Security best practices and containerization for our government customers. We offer a mature capability and knowledgeable staff to shepherd solutions through necessary processes required to achieve government Authority to Operate (ATO). Following our advice, we run our own corporate AWS footprint using best cloud practices.

INCATech combines these competencies and tailors’ solutions to meet the unique business and mission needs of each customer. For more information contact