July 8, 2020

Cynthia Kao-Johnson has recently joined the INCATech corporate team as the new Director of Marketing and Communications. In this new role for INCATech she will be offering communications and marketing guidance and advice to senior leadership. Communications drives everything we do, from interpersonal organizational interactions, to interacting with clients and recruiting. As such, Cynthia will be assisting with crafting internal and external communications strategy, enhancing our internal communication dynamics to keep pace with our rapid growth, and linking communications to our social media and marketing initiatives. In the marketing area, Cynthia will be leading the development of our next generation web site, digital strategy, collateral materials, and branding. This is a big role effecting all areas of our business and we are excited to have Cynthia’s experience and leadership on board to help us get to our next level.
In addition, Cynthia will incorporate best UI/UX practices with Human-Centered Design Thinking with all of our products. The goal is to provide intuitive, user-centered and streamlined processes while modernizing  and increasing user efficiency with client platforms and applications.  Cynthia came to INCATech from SAIC for the last 2.5 years as their Principal UI/UX Researcher and Designer and Communications Lead for the Department of State, and the Federal Retirement and Thrift Savings Board.
She also worked as both a GS and Contractor for NATO Special Operations Forces HQ, the Pentagon, USAID and the United States Air Force (Reserve duty) in the Public Affairs shop as a deployed media embed, managing the press, legislative affairs, multimedia, digital communications, web, video, provided C-suite staff communications guidance, modernized the Software Development Life Cycle and legacy applications, and incorporated UI/UX  and Design Thinking as a practice within the various organizations she served. Cynthia also contributed to proposal writing, ensuring all technical documents are easy to understand, and supported Disaster Recovery Teams, Development, Engineering, Security, IT Ops and Business Development.
Outside of work in government, Cynthia produces documentary films and collaborates with other fiction tv/radio/film content.