William Chadsey is a senior expert in national defense, homeland security, and intelligence with decades of experience as corporate officer, scientist, and business developer. He is nationally recognized in research and development of advanced technology for military systems and applications of technology to counterterrorism. He has held executive management positions in large and small companies, including CEO, COO, President, and Senior Vice President.

Systems and Technologies
Mr. Chadsey has developed, researched, and managed major systems and technology programs, including
• Counterterrorism, homeland security, weapons of mass destruction, military systems survivability, civil infrastructure protection, nuclear weapons testing, and directed energy weapons.
• CBRN Sensor Systems — nuclear, chemical, and biological sensors; personal and portal monitor radiation detectors; radiation driven cargo and vehicle inspection systems; nuclear test monitoring systems.
• International stability operations, high risk operations support, civil preparedness, terrorism risk assessment, transportations systems security, social media analytics, information operations, and intelligence analysis. Mr. Chadsey has served as a senior government advisor on a broad range of topics. He has published numerous technical papers in refereed journals.

Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security
• Peacekeeper and Trident missiles, DSCS III satellite, the Future Combat System, Ballistic Missile Defense.
• Homeland security programs including CBRN detection systems, U.S. Air Marshals counter-terrorism training and operations planning, borders and ports detection systems.
• Transportation Security, threat-based risk assessments of the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, New Jersey Transit, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, Chicago Transit Authority, and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.
• Counter-Terrorism Roles and Mission planning for the U.S. National Guard Bureau.

Advisory Boards
• Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA, DSWA, DNA), senior technical expert on Underground Nuclear Test Program
• US Air Force Peacekeeper Missile, Chairman, advisory panel on nuclear survivability
• US Army National Guard Bureau, Chairman, government/industry advisory panel on counterterrorism risks and response
Corporate Management
Prospero Analytics LLC (2016 to present), Founder and Managing Partner.
DGI (Defense Group Inc) and spinouts (2007–2016). Senior VP for Business Development.
• Global Initiatives Group (GIG). logistics and operations support in high-risk areas for government and commercial client.
• BioWarn LLC. Real-time, bio-electronic pathogen sensor.
Technology Associates (TAIC) (2004 – 2006. President and CEO.
SAIC ( (1972 – 2003). Sector Vice President, Deputy Director International Business
• SAIC Russia (1992-1999). Founder and President

Harvard University, BA Cum Laude Honors, Engineering and Applied Physics
University of Pennsylvania, MS Physics; Post Graduate Research, Computational Physics