Configuration/Change Management

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a mature set of configuration management tools, INCATech can implement a configuration management methodology that meets your business requirements without excessive overhead and administrative cost.

Independent Validation and Verification

INCATech provides Operational Test and Evaluation and/or Independent Validation and Verification of software products. When third party expertise is needed to assure that major program deliverables meet both contract requirements and operational performance targets, INCATech can provide a level of support that is flexible and scalable to the needs of the program or organization.

Software System Testing

INCATech ensures that applications are tested completely by complying with the functional requirements defined by the customer. The types of tests included in system testing are: graphical user interface, usability, performance, error handling, security, regression, and accessibility.

Configuration Management

Establish configuration management procedures, process, and protocols for managing complex and evolving information technology environments. Provide training to project managers and staff on CM principles and how to identify configuration items, establish baselines, develop change requests, make CCB decisions, and implement changes. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

INCATech implements a robust set of quality assurance/quality control techniques and approach to assure that products and services are free of defects and performance issues. We offer the same capabilities to customers who need an independent service to assure the quality of deliverables and methodologies to other products.

Operations and Maintenance

INCATech provides Operations & Maintenance support for both systems and users 24x7x365. We have created detailed O&M plans, disaster recovery procedures, training guides, and respond to trouble tickets and user requests in compliance with multi-level Service Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, we perform preventative maintenance, patches, and updates on systems we support as well as scans for broken links and other normally recurring events requiring O&M action. These include such items as reviewing system logs, tuning and optimization, incident response and root cause analysis, as well as feedback and training to reduce the occurrence of system issues.

IT Service Delivery